Aaron Mack

Q: Why do you love beer?

A: Why do I love beer? Let me count the ways!

Q: What kind of beer are you brewing? 

A: I am brewing a clone attempt of my current and long-standing favorite beer, Juicy Bits, by WeldWerks out of Greeley, CO. It's a New England IPA featuring Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. It has a juicy flavor accompanied by a pleasant, resinous bitterness.

Q: Are you brewing in honor of anyone? Would you like to say anything about their story?

A: I am brewing in honor of my wonderful mother-in-law, Jane Connealy, who is battling breast cancer.

Q: Are you new to brewing or an experienced hand? How long have you been brewing for KFTC?

A: This will be my second time brewing for KFTC.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories, interesting opinions, or otherwise notable things to relate about your love for brewing?

A: My wife bought me a starter brewing kit for Christmas a few years ago. (Fortuitously, it was all-grain; I never would have been cognizant of that at the time and would have ended up with a Mr. Beer kit that would have been fun but not life-changing. Not AT ALL saying extract brewing is in any way inferior, but it would not have hooked me like that all-grain kit did). Little did she know the monstrosity she was about to create. I dove in head-first and have been mildly obsessed ever since.

Q: What is your favorite beer or style?

A: I love all beer, but I have an eternal love for New England IPAs. I never, ever get sick of them. I will never ever get sick of them. That’s why I am trying my damndest to brew an amazing one at home. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

A: I'm super excited to try everyone's beers this year. Last year was my first KFTC, and not only was it a blast, but I didn't have a single beer that wasn't awesome. The creativity and variety are insanely fun too. KFTC is a local brewer's paradise. It’s probably the most fun social event of the year for me.