Dave Adams

Q: Why do you love beer?

A: Why wouldn't you?

Q: What kind of beer are you brewing?

A: I am brewing a Schwartzbier with a hint of strawberry flavor called "Even With Strawberries!" It is a dark, roasty lager beer. I'm adding strawberry for an interesting twist. Anyone who enjoys a dark beer should appreciate this one. The strawberry isn't overpowering, but it's there. As I often do, I named the Spaceballs-themed beer before I figured out how to make it. I've brewed dark beers for the last few Kegs events and have been told that mine is usually the only dark beer present. I thought I'd continue to offer that kind of choice.

Q: Are you brewing in honor of anyone? Would you like to say anything about their story?

A: My sister, Libby Bickford, just received a cancer-free bill of health at her last doctor visit. She caught it early, which is definitely key. Get your screenings!

Q: Do you have any favorite memories, interesting opinions, or otherwise notable things to relate about your love for brewing?

A: I love drinking beer, and many people make great ones, but it's really fun to attempt to bring your own ideas to life.

Q: Are you new to brewing or an experienced hand? How long have you been brewing for KFTC?

A: This is my third year contributing to KFTC.

Q: What is your favorite beer or style?

A: That's too hard.