Check out this delicious line up! Thanks, again to our talented, dedicated home brewers. Yummmmm...

2019 Brewers

2019 Brewers

  • 5 O'Clock Coffee Stoutby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Kathy Francis

  • Serviceberry Wheat of Sewell Gordon Coke
    in honor of Emily Seifferlein

  • Hoppy Amberby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Sean Francis

  • Coffee Malt Stoutby Andy Robbins
    in honor of Carey Dennis

  • Raspberry Citra Wheatby Jeremy Fischer & Scott Christensen

  • Pepper Wheatby Jeremy Fischer and Brandon Stange
    in honor of Dean Stange

  • Sloppy Hoppy Hellesby Jeremy Fischer
    in honor of Dave Fischer

  • Norwegian Wheatishby John Fischer
    in honor of Tom Fischer

  • Witbierby Justin Cermak & Byron Anway

  • Wit Lightningby Justin Cermak & Byron Anway

  • Stouty McStoutFace - American Stoutby Jay McConnell
    in honor of Cheryl McConnell

  • The Cukes of Hazard - Cucumber Lime Goseby Jay McConnell
    in honor of Jennifer Buresh

  • Spruce Springsteen - Spruce Tip Golden Sourby Jay McConnell
    in honor of Mary Bartels

  • Xocolatiby Dave Adams
    in memory of Linda Adams

  • Galaxy Pale Aleby Zach Fenton
    in honor of Shelley Bishop

  • Mead/Nebraska Raspberry Melomelby Lacy Phillipe
    in honor of Debbie Norman

  • Skippy is a Real Catch Hazy Pale Aleby Trent Konecky
    in memory of Melvin "Mel" Samples

  • Choose Your Adventure Wood Aged Tart w/Fruitby Trent Konecky
    in honor of Seth Montecuello

  • Australian Hopped Pale Aleby Jeremy Gohring
    in honor of Jessica Gohring

  • Pineapple Coconut Meadby Jeremy Gohring
    in honor of Jackie & John Olsommer

  • Lemon Wheatby Mark Beatty
    in memory of Alta Eddins, Barbara Sligar

  • Witby Brandon Garrett
    in honor of Rick Garrett

  • Pilsnerby Brandon Garrett & John Wiese
    in honor of Janet Lippincott

  • Lavendar Belgian Witby Adam Johnson
    in memory of Dave Oenbring

  • Red IPAby Nick Langtry
    in honor of James Langtry

  • Gluten Free IPAby Angela FIscher
    in memory of Carol Christensen

  • M.D.C. (Dark Mild)by Dustin Deisher
    in memory of Joan Marie Christensen

  • Fruited Sour IPAby Tim Fischer
    in memory of Archibald Crane

  • Pitter Patter Pilsnerby Jeremy Fischer & Trent Konecky
    in memory of Pat Cieloha

  • Pale Aleby Jim Novotny
    in honor of Betty Novotny

  • American Brownby Paul Breitkreutz
    in memory of Nicole Frerichs