Once again, check out this amazing line up for 2018. Our event is successful thanks to the talents of such dedicated home brewers. 

2017 Brewers

2017 Brewers

  • Ginger Saisonby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Myrna Coke

  • Cranberry Gruitby Gordon Coke
    in honor of Richard Coke

  • Pub Aleby Andy Robbins
    in memory of Lillian Shadley

  • Orange Shandyby Sarah Robbins

  • Summer Aleby Jason Seipel

  • May the Schwarzbier With Youby Hayden Dyck

  • Blackberry Basil Hefeweizenby Lucas Stock
    in memory of Donald Wendt

  • Apricot Blondeby Justin Peacock
    in memory of Robert Johnston

  • Gluten Free Glugby Jeremy Fischer

  • Helles Peachy Lagerby Jeremy Fischer and Brandon Stange
    in honor of Erin Krutz & Dean Stange

  • Lone Star's Raspberry Cream Aleby John Fischer
    in honor of Susan Malaise

  • Cucumber Lime Goseby Jay McConnell
    in honor of Cheryl McConnell

  • Grapefruit Pineapple Goseby Jay McConnell
    in honor of Jen Buresh

  • Raspberry Goseby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Kathryn Francis

  • NW Pale Aleby Gordon Coke
    in honor of Emily Seifferlein

  • Vanilla Cream Aleby Fletcher McMeen

  • Belgian and Chinese Witbiersby Byron Anway and Justin Cermak

  • Columbian Mildby Justin Cermak
    in honor of Danielle Silsbee

  • Czech Pilsnerby Trent Konecky
    in honor of Ed Konecky and Mary Zech

  • Blame Skippy Pale Aleby Trent Konecky
    in honor of Sheri Christen and Caroline Runquist

  • Strawberry Pale Aleby Nick Langtry

  • Comet IPAby Nick Langtry

  • Citra Mosaic Pale Aleby Zach Fenton
    in honor of Dianne Watton

  • Black Raspberry Wheatby Lacy Phillipe
    in honor of Buddy Cline

  • American Amber Aleby James Garner

  • IPAby Tim Fischer
    in honor of David Fischer

  • Navel Orange IPAby Jim Novotny
    in honor of Betty Novotny