2024 Beer List

Get ready for the largest selection of home brews we've ever had in our 15 year history! Mouth. Is. Watering.

  • Tough as Hellesby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Kathy Francis

  • This Vienna Lager Waits for Youby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Sean Francis

  • Beer Gose Prehistoric (Brewed with Ancient Saline Groundwater)by Gordon Coke
    in honor of Emily Rose Seifferlein

  • Kansas Kottbusserby Richard Coke
    in memory of Myrna Shehi Coke

  • Deadpan Delivery Brut IPAby Dan Ross & Gordon Coke
    in honor of Sherry Joneling

  • Djinn and Juice (Gose with Moroccan Preserved)by Justin Cermak & Byron Anway
    in honor of Jim and Karen Anway

  • I Carried a Watermelonby Justin Cermak and Byron Anway
    in honor of Pam Cermak

  • Blackberry Funk (Blackberry Sour)by Sarah Robbins
    in memory of Tom Hansen

  • Dortmunder-style Lagerby Avery Klein
    in honor of Sara Klein

  • Czech-style Pale Lagerby Russ Guill
    in memory of Betty Jensen

  • Scottish 80by Mark Beatty
    In memory of Alta Eddins, Carol Jean Hokanson, Barbara Sligar

  • Witbierby Mark Beatty

  • Even With Strawberries! (Strawberry Schwartz bier)by Dave Adams
    in memory of Dorothy Adams

  • Ginger Beered Man (Ginger IPA)by Dave Adams

  • ESBN - All Beer Network ESBby Scott Andrews
    in memory of Jeff Engdahl

  • Two Hearted Cloneby Zach Fenton
    in memory of Jerry Schmidt

  • Mulberry Meadby Lacy Phillippe
    in memory of Eric Wulf

  • Tupelo Meadby Lacy Phillippe
    in memory of Denise Adams

  • BlueNana Muffs (Blueberry Banana Muffin Ale)by Scott Levander

  • BeBop Dopp (Doppelbock)by Scott Levander

  • Trippin' Belgies (Belgian Tripel)by Scott Levander

  • Citra & Strata NEIPAby Nick Langtry
    in honor of James Langtry

  • Cranberry Sour Aleby Nick Langtry

  • Flores Muertas (Hibiscus Mead)by Dustin Deisher
    in honor of Kelly Saunders

  • Helles Bellesby John Fischer
    in honor of Ol' Man Fischer

  • American IPA / It's On Yo Face!by Chris Dyer & Trent Konecky
    in honor of Robert Dyer, Steve Zech, Brian Zech

  • West Coast IPAby Adam Thimmesch

  • Ben's Birthday Blondeby Adam Thimmesch

  • Zesty Orange Aleby Jim Novotny
    in honor of Betty Novotny

  • Plains, Trains, & Pancakes(Belgian braggot)by Adam Thalken
    in honor of Eugene Herron

  • Skibidi Rizz (stout with cinnamon, vanilla, habanero, coconut, cacao)by Jay McConnell
    in honor of Skylyn Pace

  • The Cuke (cucumber lime gose)by Jay McConnell
    in memory of Clarence McConnell

  • Trampled by Pamplemousse (Paloma gose)by Jay McConnell
    in honor of Emily Rau

  • "McDouble" (West coast double IPA)by Jay and Max McConnell
    in honor of Cheryl McConnell

  • K.I.S.S. Pale Aleby Scott Christensen
    in memory of Carol Christensen

  • Sa brura res-erection kviek pale aleby Jeremy Fischer & Trent Konecky w/ Brandon Stange
    in memory of Andrea Kabourek

  • Spread my ashes at San Pedro - West Coast Pilsnerby Jeremy Fischer & Trent Konecky
    in memory of Rod Behlen

  • Bock Haben Maibockby Jeremy Fischer & Trent Konecky
    in honor of Dean Stange

  • Fake Orgasm Faux Lagerby Jeremy Fischer & Trent Konecky
    in honor of Alex Korky

  • Lavender Mule Saison

    by Craig Samek

  • Pandemonium Attachment (Espresso Imperial Stout on nitro)

    by Andy Robbins
    in memory of Lillian Rose Shadley