2022 Beers

Beers are being brewed with love for your enjoyment. Here's the lineup. 

  • Golden Lagerby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Kathy Francis

  • Hopped Up Lake Blondeby Gordon Coke
    in honor of Julie Flack

  • Beer Gose Prehistoric (brewed with Ancient Saline Groundwater)by Gordon Coke
    in honor of Emily Seifferlein

  • Kansas Kernza Wheatby Richard Coke
    in memory of Myrna Shehi Coke

  • Cukes of Hazzard (Cucumber Lime Gose)by Jay McConnell
    in honor of Cheryl McConnell

  • I Carrot 'Bout You (Hibiscus Carrot Saison)by Jay McConnell

  • It Takes Two to Mango (Mango Sour)by Jay McConnell

  • Golden Delicious (Apple Kolsch)by Justin Cermak & Byron Anway

  • Steel-Hose-Eye-Rye Porterby Dave Adams
    in memory of Greg Ashmore

  • American Wheat w/Ginger & Lemongrassby Russ Guill
    in memory of Betty Jensen

  • I'm a Little Chili (Pepper Beer)by Jeremy Fischer
    in honor of Tom Fischer

  • Muh' Freedom, 'Murican Wheatby John Fischer
    in honor of Dave "Big Guns" Fischer

  • Griff Takes Sparkling Bubble Baths (Hazy IPA)by Trent Konecky
    in honor of Colton Whisler Kicking Cancer's Ass one day at a time!

  • Your Mom's Favorite IPAby Trent Konecky
    in memory of Larry McCall

  • Ain't Nothing Special (Saison)by Trent Konecky
    in honor of Kathy Nuccio

  • Pitter Patter Pilsnerby Trent Konecky & Jeremy Fischer
    in honor of Joan Cuda

  • Bo-Hunk Amber Pivoby Trent Konecky & Jeremy Fischer
    in memory of Alice Volkmer

  • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator (GF Hard Seltzer)by Trent Konecky & Jeremy Fischer
    in honor of Seth Montecuello

  • Contessa Cream Aleby Mark Beatty
    in honor of Barbara Sligar, Alta Eddins, Carol Hokanson

  • Kick Cancer Kolschby Scott Andrews
    in memory of Jeff Engdahl

  • Piccolo Pils (DDH New Zealand Pilsner)by Aaron Mack
    in honor of Jane Connealy

  • Dortmunder-style Exportbierby Avery Klein
    in memory of Mike Costello

  • Soured Peach Aleby Nick Langtry
    in memory of Mary Langtry

  • Simcoe/Centennial IPAby Nick Langtry
    in honor of James Langtry

  • English Pale Aleby Kim Theesen
    in honor of Betty, Roger and Kathy

  • Bread Pudding Cream Aleby Scott Levander
    in honor of Sam Matthew

  • The Witless Wonder (Belgian Wit)by Scott Levander

  • Raspberry Mulberry Ciderby Lacy Philippe

  • Galaxy Pale Aleby Zach Fenton

  • Pepitas Aleby Jim Novotny
    in honor of Betty Novotny

  • Hoppily Toasted Brown Aleby Scott Christensen & Brandon Stange
    in memory of Carol Christensen

  • Ned Ryerson?! BING! (Twin Bing Stout)by Jeremy Fischer, Gordon Coke & Jay McConnell