Zach Fenton

Q: Why do you love beer?

A: Beer is delicious, nutritious, and more interesting than all my other hobbies.

Q: What kind of beer are you brewing? 

A: I brewed a single hop beer which falls in the IPA category for hop bitterness. The hop (Bru 1) imparts some tropical fruit aroma and flavor.

Q: Are you brewing in honor of anyone? Would you like to say anything about their story?

A: I brewed this in memory of a good family friend and brewing friend, Dave Oenbring.

Q: Are you new to brewing or an experienced hand? How long have you been brewing for KFTC?

A: I have been brewing a while, but bringing beer for KFTC for about 6 years.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories, interesting opinions, or otherwise notable things to relate about your love for brewing?

A: Practice makes your beer better. The more you practice the more friends you need, to help you drink all of your beer. I could always find room for another friend.

Q: What is your favorite beer or style?

A: I only drink good beer (hoppy styles). No relation to Harry.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

A: Lacy is a better brewer than I am.