Jay McConnell

Q: Why do you love beer?

A: It's a reciprocal love, I love beer because it loves me back.

Q: What kind of beer are you brewing? 

A: Four different beers with a range of styles (Gose, IPA, Saison, Dark Lager), hopefully an option for anyone somewhere in there.

Q: Are you brewing in honor of anyone? Would you like to say anything about their story?

A: My mom and my friend Emily.

Q: Are you new to brewing or an experienced hand? How long have you been brewing for KFTC?

A: My first year brewing for KFTC was 2015, the year I met my ride or die home brew buddies (Gordon, Jeremy and Justin)

Q: Do you have any favorite memories, interesting opinions, or otherwise notable things to relate about your love for brewing?

A: My start to brewing began by going to Kirk's Home Brew shop in 1996 at the age of 19, amazed that I could buy ingredients to make alcohol and not be 21. I was excited to think that I could make beer for cheaper than it is to buy (which is typically not the case ha ha).

Q: What is your favorite beer or style?

A: Classic lagers at the moment.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

A: I am so proud to be friends with Gordon and Molly, who work so hard to put on this awesome event each year.