Jeremy Fischer

Q: Why do you love beer?

A: Because it loves me back

Q: What kind of beer are you brewing? 

A: Several styles, including ales and lagers, wheats and IPAs, and a gluten free porter. The lagers are somewhat unique in that several of them were brewed using a decoction mash, which can add some layers of complexity that might not otherwise be there. The pepper beer is a staple, but this year I added a slightly different mix of peppers and some raspberries to make it extra crushable. The gluten free porter is an all-grain brew for anyone that can’t have gluten, including my wife and sister-in-law.

Q: Are you brewing in honor of anyone? Would you like to say anything about their story?

A: I brewed in honor of David Fischer, my father, who has been living with cancer for at least 15 years. He wishes he could be around to help us drink the beers, but he isn’t getting around like he used to. I’ll be sure he gets some, though!

Q: Are you new to brewing or an experienced hand? How long have you been brewing for KFTC?

A: I’m an in-betweener, I guess. This is my 8th kegs, I think.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories, interesting opinions, or otherwise notable things to relate about your love for brewing?

A: My brew buddies are like another family, so Kegs is a bit of a family reunion for me.

Q: What is your favorite beer or style?

A: Bavarian lagers make me want to do a little happy dance, but Jay McConnel’s cucumber-lime gose is my favorite beer on the planet.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

A: Cancer sucks. F#@k cancer. Go beer!